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Keeping power distribution systems up to standard requires periodic electrical testing and maintenance programs to be in place (see International Electrical Testing Association's article on the issue: Frequency of Maintenance Tests) Generally, 1-3 year testing frequency is advisable depending on the age and condition of the equipment.

Even if a periodic maintenance and testing program is in place, the resources or time to manage and oversee an effective economic testing program may not be available. Although PowerCore Engineering is not in the business of electrical maintenance and testing, the company acts as consultants on the design, implementation, and oversight of the electrical testing and maintenance.

PowerCore has an extensive experience in field testing electrical power distribution equipment and is able to:

  • Devise an effective electrical testing program
  • Prepare testing specifications and schedules
  • Eliminate unnecessary testing (frequency and scope)
  • Assist in selecting testing agencies or contractors
  • Ensure that the selected testing agency performs the work as outlined
  • Review the results of the tests and recommend actions only as necessary

Having PowerCore Engineering as an acting consultant saves money in the long term by reducing maintenance cost without sacrificing effectiveness. Not only is it ensured that any problems encountered are dealt with in a timely and effective manner, but also that a fair price is paid for only the components needed.

Switchgear Retrofitting

When extra time must be squeezed from existing power distribution system components or there are concerns regarding the safety of existing equipment, PowerCore, together with partners, can offer such customized services as:

  • HV and LV Switchgear Revamp (on-site repairs, OEM and third party replacement components
  • Breaker Retrofit (protective trip unit replacement, charging/closing/tripping mechanism replacement, etc.)
  • HV ad MV Relays Replacement (analogue relays replacement with the digital equivalent, protection scheme upgrades)
  • MV and LV Contractor Retrofit (starter cubicle overhaul, protection upgrade)

Together with its partners, PowerCore Engineering provides services to extend life expectancy of existing power systems by offering economical re-building of electrical system components, thus ensuring safe and reliable operation.

Tender Preparation

When new power distribution systems are planned or in a stage of preliminary design, PowerCore offers services such as:

  • Power System Design—new systems or additions for Industrial or Commercial Facilities (drawings, engineering specifications, submittals, contractor liaison)
  • Emergency Backup System Design (generator, Automatic Transfer Switch, power system tie-in considerations, etc.)
  • Ground Grid Design (new and existing substations)

Once the system design is in place, it is possible to assist with project tender process management in several ways by:

  • Preparing complete tender packages for bid submittals (outlining contractor/customer responsibilities, ensuring/obtaining ESA approvals, reviewing drawings and specifications, etc.)
  • Organizing tender meetings (with customer representatives, contractors, utility representatives, etc.)
  • Assisting in bid evaluations (examining contractor bids, assessing compliance, clarifying scope, consulting with suppliers and contractors)
  • Supervising project realization (supervising installations and commissioning, ensuring all requirements are fulfilled, acting as a customer-contractor liaison, day-to-day matters)
  • Verifying final submittals (equipment manufacturer submittals, contractor submittals, commissioning reports, ESA inspections)